About Us

Our Story

Crawdad’s Classics gets its name from the founder, Cordell “Crawdad” Bixler. As a boy, he loved to spend his days catching crawdads in the ditches and creeks of the Missouri Bootheel. Little did he know as a child this nickname would stick with him throughout his life. Crawdad’s love of Cajun cooking and excellence in spicy foods led him to create Crawdad’s Classics Gourmet Hot Sauce in 1995.

Today, the legacy still lives through Crawdad’s son-in-law Tim, and daughter Tamie. They have added several new products to the brand, and many consumers have discovered the unique flavor that has their taste buds asking for more. Crawdad's Classics has many loyal customers from all over the USA.

Our commitment

In keeping with Crawdad’s motto, “It Don’t Get No Better Than This," we are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients in gourmet flavorings.